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Certificate in Sales (Hospitality)

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What you will Learn

This online training course is for hospitality sales professionals who want to:

  • Learn best practice from hotel sales experts
  • Upskill and become more proficient
  • Learn new skills in lead generation
  • Demonstrate their proficiency globally with the peak industry body, HSMAI
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Managers
  • Event/ Venue Sales Executives/ Managers
  • Director of Sales -property level
  • Director of Sales & Marketing who’s background is mainly in Marketing
  • Hotel Professionals who are interested in learning more about the Sales field
  • Hotel Management Trainees
  • Owner/operators of accommodation businesses
  • Agency employees who want to upskill on the Sales field in hospitality

This course was created by the HSMAI volunteer Sales Leaders.   The leaders in hotels around the globe have worked together to create a curriculum for people looking to grow their careers in Hotel Sales.

Check the “Authors” tab in the “Get Started” section below to see who was involved in putting this program together.

  • HSMAI Members US$450
  • Non-members US$550


  • 10 Online courses
  • Access to the courses for 12 months
  • On completion of all courses participants are awarded the “Certificate in Sales (Hospitality)
  • A globally recognised certificate from the peak association in hotel sales, the 90-year old non-profit association, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.

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The Evolution of Hotel Sales
Understanding your Guests path to booking
Understanding today's Buyers
Fundamentals of Selling
Mastering the Sales call
Commercial Acumen for Hotel Sales people
Selling Meeting & Events venues
Managing the Hospitality Sales function (COMING SOON)

You will learn:

  • How the Hospitality Sales role has evolved into what it is today
  • The Changing nature of the Sales role
  • What skills and experience your Sales team need in today’s landscape
  • Different types of salespeople and when you need each type
  • Assessing your Sales team
  • Setting performance goals and objectives for your team
  • COVID-19 pandemic information is regularly added when current best practice changes
Recruiting & Retaining Hospitality Sales people (COMING SOON)

You will learn to:

  • Identify the right type of salespeople you need
  • COVID-19 changes to common practices
  • Recruiting the right people for the right role
  • Questions to ask when interviewing prospective salespeople
  • Training options for your Salespeople
  • Best practices to retain your Salespeople
Digital Intermediaries
  • Online Travel Agents
  • Group Intermediaries
  • Venue Finders
Measuring Sales Performance
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Authors of the Sales curriculum

Reviews for other HSMAI Programs

  • “Having taken the CHDM certification myself and then being part of a team of industry experts to help update the 2018 Certification, it has become clear to me that that knowledge and understanding of the key topics covered in the certification will benefit everyone; from digital marketers to GM’s and everyone in between as it gives a broad overview of what is required to be a successful for a hotel (or hotelier) in the digital age.”

    Dan Wacksman, CHDM SVP, Marketing and Distribution, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts
  • “When I review resumes for openings or am interviewing candidates with similar backgrounds, I feel more confident in choosing applicants with their CHDM certification. I feel like they have taken the time to understand the fundamentals of the industry and how it applies to our hotels, and thus will hit the ground running with a leg up on other candidates.”

    Jay Hubbs Senior Vice President E-Commerce, Remington Hotels
  • “When we consider the convergence of multiple disciplines within our industry, revenue management and eCommerce are increasingly finding areas of overlap within the complexity of digital echo system. It is for this reason that revenue managers with CHDM’s become an integral part of an organization due to their ability to improve the discourse as it relates to the digital conversation.”

    John Jimenez Director of eCommerce, Noble Investment Group
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