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Define CCPA in hospitality

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires that businesses put mechanisms in place for the consumers’ right to access, delete, opt-out, and the other requirements of the California privacy law. Civil penalties start at $2,500 per violation and go as high as $7,500 if deemed willful intent. It can mean an astronomical collective fine when extrapolated by thousands of customers under the same violation.

What CPPA mean for hospitality businesses?

This creates a complex web of changes for hospitality sector businesses like hotels and restaurants with:

  • Data collection/retention development policies and technologies
  • Internal and external access policies
  • Breach notification policies and audits
  • Mobile and website updates
  • Cloud strategy integration
  • Crucial workflow and systems created for managing data rights requests from consumers
  • WIFI networks, application access, guest booking system and records integration

Important note

Privacy laws can change at any moment so always go straight to the government website to check the latest information.

Steps to CCPA compliance for the hospitality industry

Visit this website for more information specifically for the hospitality industry.

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