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The Internet of Things, commonly abbreviated IoT, refers to the ability to connect any device to the internet (or to another device) with a simple on/off switch.

Modern cloud computing, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology leverages real-time connectivity and communication between disparate systems to create ecosystems of devices that interact and power buildings, businesses, and even smart cities.

How is IoT Connectivity Impacting the Hospitality Industry?

In fact, the hotel industry can even be considered an early adopter of IoT technologies despite a commonInternet of Things image from HotelTechReport stigma of being slow to adopt new technology. PwC found in its survey that 70% of hotel executives have active IoT projects, far outpacing the average of 48% across survey respondents and just beyond industrial IOT, an industry that’s been completely revolutionized by robotic workers and other smart devices connected to wireless networks with little to no human intervention.

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