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Strategic Meetings Management Programs (SMMP’s) are designed to facilitate safe, compliant, and well-monitored meetings.

These programs were a great help during the shift from physical to virtual meetings in 2020, providing companies with comprehensive insight into all meetings and events under their umbrella. With many in-person meetings having to be cancelled or made virtual at short notice, SMMPs saved organizers millions of dollars by leveraging attrition clauses to cancel contracts.

The main components of the program should be:

  1. Planning your space
  2. Ensuring compliance
  3. Update your policies
  4. Optimizing your hybrid events

The adoption of SMMP’s during the COVID pandemic in 2020 allowed companies to avert critical losses and put money from cancelled events aside for lockdown essentials. SMMPs are not just for crisis control, however. At their heart, these programs are designed to facilitate safe, compliant, and well-monitored meetings across the board i.e. hybrid and face-to-face events.  According to research from the Aberdeen Group, companies using an SMMP enjoy 48% higher compliance with internal policies and procedures and 63% better ROI. It’s clear that meeting management programs make meetings more productive then, but can they make them safer?

Read more at: https://insights.ehotelier.com/insights/2021/11/01/how-to-maximize-smmp-for-safer-physical-meetings/

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