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How to Solve the pricing problem

Recorded 27th October 2021

HSMAI has teamed up with the TravelTech Academy to bring you a  free masterclass on calculating the price for your hotel rooms.  Tamie Matthews, Founder & CEO of RevenYou will deliver this session.

Value-based pricing requires determining what your customers truly value. This can include a high willingness to pay for products and features important for a particular stay, the lowest rate for price-sensitive guests, and everything in between.  We will cover:

  • The Value Proposition
  • Getting to know your customers
  • Getting to know your competitors
  • Getting to know your competitors’ pricing
  • Getting to know your pricing

How much did you learn?  See if you can pass the quiz on this topic:



Competitive Value Analysis (How much should you charge for your rooms)

Hotel Market Segmentation

How to develop your Hotel SWOT Analysis

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