How to apply for the Singapore Tourism Board subsidy for Singapore residents

  • Payment

    Once approved by STB, then pay for your certification.

Singapore residents & citizens

If you are a permanent resident of Singapore, you are able to apply for funding for the course through the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).  Go to the  Singapore Tourism Board website to find out about the Training Industry Professionals in Tourism (TIP-iT) grant.  Queries about the grant can be sent to

The Singapore Tourism Board will subsidise people working towards certification subject to certain conditions. There is a few more steps if you would like to apply for their subsidy to study and become certified.


  1. Complete the CHDM application form through HSMAI to demonstrate your eligibility. (Where to send the application and payment is in the form).
  2. If you are a permanent resident of Singapore, then apply for TIP-iT subsidy from STB 
  3. Once approved, pay for the certification and participate in a series of online learning modules (available 24/7).
  4. Pass an online exam covering the CHDM content.
  5. Once completed, and you have passed the exam, STB will process payment of the subsidy (if you are a permanent resident of Singapore only).  
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