HSMAI Certifications help Hoteliers prove their experience

The more you know, and the more you can prove you know, the better ROI you can provide to your employer or prospective employer, the more you can improve your company’s bottom line, and the better you can position yourself in your chosen discipline.

HSMAI introduced certification for hotel sales professionals nearly thirty years ago. Today, HSMAI offers training and certification in several disciplines, including sales, revenue management, business acumen, and the newest, digital marketing.

Learn more about our certifications including the qualifications and procedures to apply by selecting one of the options below.

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CRME Revenue Management and CHDM Digital Marketing

Certifications for Hoteliers

Certified Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA)

The Certified Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA) designation is an online program delivered in groups of 10-20 people.  The program simulates running a hotel with you as the General Manager/ owner.  The designation indicates that you can:

  • Demonstrate expertise in managing an accommodation business;
  • Display the analytical skills to use data, and management tools to make decisions
  • Create strategies to improve profit and/or reduce costs
  • Compare strategies and determine which one will perform the best

This certification is appropriate for, but not limited to:

  • Managing Director
  • Asset Manager
  • General Manager
  • Vice President or Director of Sales
  • Director of Marketing
  • Operations Department Head
  • Sales Manager
  • Convention Services Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Director of Revenue Management

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Upskill Courses

The Digital Ready program consists of 4 Modules which can be studied separately or as a full program.  Completing all four will entitle you to the “Certificate in Digital Marketing (Hospitality).  The courses have custom-built by senior hoteliers for hotel staff:

  • who are working in Digital Marketing, or who are just about to start;
  • working in a digital role for less than 2 years
  • work on another area of the hotel but want to learn more about digital marketing
  • leaders who manage digital people, or marketing functions.

The program will fast-track your learning and help you become proficient in Digital Marketing in a short amount of time. In conjunction with your on-the-job hotel experience, this is the best method of getting to the next phase of your career.

1/2 day Training Workshops

HSMAI Asia Pacific runs face-to-face Training Workshops around the Asia Pacific region.  These are typically 1/2 day events and focussed on specific topics in Revenue Management, Digital, Marketing, Distribution, Conference & Event Sales.  Check out our calendar of events, or review our full-day Regional Conferences.  All of these events will give you the opportunity to hear hoteliers speaking about best practice in the disciplines above.  No sales pitches, just genuine learning opportunities.

Sep 14

HSMAI Hotel Digital & Revenue Workshop – Phuket, Thailand

14 September /9:00 am - 15 September /5:30 pm BMT

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Produced by HSMAI America’s Sales, Marketing & Revenue  Advisory Boards, our webinars explore the top issues and offers effective strategies and tactics to increase your organizations ROI.

How guests choose hotels during an online booking

Studying eye tracking during the online booking process could help revenue managers better understand consumers hotel selections. Access the Webinar or read the article on HotelNewsNow.

Website conformity – What you need to know

Digital Disruption – The Consumer Marketing Trends you need to know

Analytics: Going Beyond the Averages

For more Webinar topics, please visit our Knowledge Center. Note that some webinars are only free for members.  Non-members may have to pay a fee to access some webinars.

Checkout our videos from recent HSMAI Conferences:

HSMAI is pleased to present here 10 videos from select sessions at our 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy Conference. This series is sponsored by STR and Hotel News Now.

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