Introduction to Hospitality Revenue Management

Introduction to Accommodation Revenue Management

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Course Overview

The fundamental components of Revenue Management are applied to any business that has fixed capacity, perishable inventory, and time-variable demand.

This course introduces you to the elements of revenue management that you need to be familiar with to understand the role of revenue in the accommodation industry.  It’s not just about pricing.  The discipline involves many skills and this initial course will introduce you to each one.

 You will learn
  • About each of the components, or practices, that make up what we call ‘Revenue Management’
  • The benefits of being part of the Revenue department team
  • Revenue and Distribution Management terms and definitions, we provide you with a quick reference guide so you always have a place to go to check out what specific terms actually mean
  • How to develop your career in Revenue Management in the Accommodation industry

  • Those pursuing the HSMAI Revenue Ready Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality)
  • This course can be a stand-alone course for people wanting to learn more about the role of the Revenue Department in the accommodation industry
  • This course serves as an introduction for those who wish to do further study on Revenue Management to get into a revenue role
  • People just starting in the revenue department

This course is created by Hoteliers, for Hoteliers. The leaders in hotels around the global have worked together to create a curriculum for people looking to grow their careers in revenue management. The authors of this course are the HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board.  Read more about the hotel leaders who helped create this course.

  • HSMAI Members pay only US$55 for this course, or get your Certificate and complete the 10-course program for just US$400, a saving of US$150
  • Non-members pay only US$65 for the single course, or get your Certificate and complete the 10-course program for just US$550
  • One step closer to getting your Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality)
  • 12 months online access to course material
  • Globally recognised, HSMAI accredited course

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Introduction to Hospitality Revenue Management
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