Revenue Management Roles, Structure and Culture in the Hotel Industry

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Course Overview

It is important for everyone in the hotel to understand the role of the revenue director, and what a typical day entails. Learn about the role of the Revenue Department, how cross-functional Revenue Meetings are managed, and how the department fits into the organisation at property and corporate level.

The hotel industry does not have one organisational structure that can work in all environments, cultures or companies, whether you have one person who performs the revenue role, or a whole department. The organisational structure that works best for each hotel or company will strongly depend on four key elements which will be explained in the course.

 You will learn
  • To understand the different types of structures and the benefits and challenges of each;
  • To understand the key elements of how revenue management integrates into an organisation;
  • The company culture is key to being successful in revenue roles, learn why
  • To understand the key elements of how revenue management integrates into an organisation;
  • Learn about the various roles that Revenue staff perform
  • To understand the importance of the Revenue Meeting and how it contributes to the culture across the business.
  • Importance of regular revenue meeting involving all department heads of hotel
  • What to discuss?
  • What reports to distribute prior to the meeting
  • How to ensure meeting is effective in setting strategy instead of just reviewing report

  • Those pursuing the HSMAI Revenue Ready “Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality)”
  • This course can be a standalone course for People wanting to learn about the role of the revenue management function in the accommodation industry.  You could be an asset owner, management company, holiday rental agent or hotelier
  • This course serves as an introduction for those who wish to do further study on revenue management to get into a revenue role;
  • People just starting in the revenue department will benefit from learning how the revenue role fits into any type of business or structure in the accommodation industry.

This course is created by Hoteliers, for Hoteliers. The leaders in hotels around the global have worked together to create a curriculum for people looking to grow their careers in revenue management. The authors of this course are the HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board.  Read more about the hotel leaders who helped create this course.

  • Revenue Ready Courses on Distribution, Forecasting, Pricing and Segmentation should be studied prior to this course unless you have previous working experience and knowledge of these topics.
  • HSMAI Members pay only US$55 for this course, or get your Certificate and complete the 10-course program for just US$350, a saving of US$150
  • Non-members pay only US$65 for the single course, or get your Certificate and complete the 10-course program for just US$500
  • One step closer in getting your Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality)
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Revenue Management Roles, Structure and Culture
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