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In today’s fast-moving, data-rich environment, every business leader will benefit from a basic understanding of the mechanics of data analytics to ensure first that their organization moves towards data-driven decision-making and second that the organization can get the most benefit from the investment they’ve made in analytics.

We’re not going to turn you into a data scientist in this course.  There is, however, a huge range of skill sets and personas that derive insights and value from data within any hospitality organization.  Many of you may fall into one of these categories or manage people who do.   At the foundation of all of these roles is a basic understanding of data and the foundational techniques for unlocking insight from this data.  And importantly, the ability to tell a story to stakeholders with the data and analytics. And this is what we’re going to teach you in this course.

What will you learn?  Take a look.

With a mix of theory and practical exercises, this course will help you build a strong foundation of data and analytics best practices that you can use to make smarter business decisions and increase the effectiveness of collaboration across departments.

You will learn:

  • The fundamental skills of working with data sets
  • You will deepen your analytical skills
  • Gain best practices for data access, cleaning, and modelling
  •  You’ll be better prepared to identify valuable and actionable data points, leverage effective data visualization techniques
  • Communicate your story in an interesting way
  •  You will learn the difference among advanced analytic techniques like optimization, machine learning, and AI and be able to identify the right problem to solve with these advanced techniques

In terms of structure, our course has six modules that can be taken at your own pace.

We start with the data and technology foundations, then discuss a variety of analytical techniques, and finally help pull it all together through effective data visualizations and telling the story with data Through a variety of lectures and hands-on exercises, you will have the foundation to become a data analyst.

But as with anything, mastering this will require practice. So we will point you to additional resources throughout the course that can help you to continue to hone your skills, even after you’ve completed our course.

Hotel Data Analytics Essentials

6 Modules to Study

Description of Module

You will learn:

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The second e-learning course is designed for participants who are aiming to enhance their understanding of restaurant demand management. Participants will delve into the crucial link between restaurant demand and revenue, exploring how fluctuations in customer demand directly impact profitability.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Demand management practices.
  • Variable pricing
  • Menu engineering and analysis

The third e-learning course is designed for participants to enhance their understanding of restaurant supply management. Participants will gain insights into the crucial link between restaurant supply and revenue management, exploring how effectively managing the supply side of the business can directly impact profitability.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Capacity planning
  • Restaurant occupancy and dining duration
  • Table Matrix Analysis

people looking at graphs


    • Revenue and restaurant service professionals in the hospitality industry who are involved in business operations and/or revenue management;
    • F&B Managers who wish learn more about Restaurant Revenue Management.

This is one of the courses the HSMAI Academy has curated into our collection of useful learning for anyone working in commercial areas in the Hospitality Industry.  The courses were developed by Republic Polytechnic.

The author of the courses is Adeline Lee.  (INSERT PROFILE)

Available 30th April, 2024


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  • An optional text book is suggested for this course available on Amazon for US$


Hotel Data Analytics Essentials
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