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In 2024, HSMAI Academy collaborated with Republic Polytechnic in Singapore to develop some basic courses in Total Revenue Management.  We are proud to announce the first three courses are being launched on the 1st April, 2024. The first three courses relate to Restaurant Revenue Management.

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3 Courses to get you started with F&B Revenue Management

A restaurant’s revenue is affected by the strategies and tactics that it implements. To optimise profits, restaurants would need to take into consideration various elements and these include demand, revenue, and supply management.

These courses will provide you with an overview of revenue management and its relevance; equipping you with the skills needed to establish useful data and metrics to enhance your restaurant’s performance. Subsequently, you will get to find out about management of supply and demand techniques as well as demand management which will enable you to better appreciate the impact customers’ demands have on a restaurant’s revenue.

The third course will discuss the role of supply management in realising revenue optimisation. You will also be introduced to pricing techniques, menu engineering, and analysis to complement the various strategies in place for revenue optimisation.

This short e-learning course is designed specifically for participants who wants to explore the application of revenue management strategies in the restaurant industry to improve profits. You will be introduced to the basic concepts, theories, terms, and tools of Restaurant Revenue Management.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Revenue management principle in restaurants.
  • Key Performance Indicator – RevPASH.
  • Data and metrics required for restaurant revenue management.

The second e-learning course is designed for participants who are aiming to enhance their understanding of restaurant demand management. Participants will delve into the crucial link between restaurant demand and revenue, exploring how fluctuations in customer demand directly impact profitability.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Demand management practices.
  • Variable pricing
  • Menu engineering and analysis

The third e-learning course is designed for participants to enhance their understanding of restaurant supply management. Participants will gain insights into the crucial link between restaurant supply and revenue management, exploring how effectively managing the supply side of the business can directly impact profitability.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Capacity planning
  • Restaurant occupancy and dining duration
  • Table Matrix Analysis

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    • Revenue and restaurant service professionals in the hospitality industry who are involved in business operations and/or revenue management;
    • F&B Managers who wish learn more about Restaurant Revenue Management.

This is one of the courses the HSMAI Academy has curated into our collection of useful learning for anyone working in commercial areas in the Hospitality Industry.  The courses were developed by Republic Polytechnic.

The author of the courses is Adeline Lee.  (INSERT PROFILE)

HSMAI tick for Points

HSMAI points available – 1 point per module, 3 points for the full 3 courses to be awarded to learners.  These can be used to build up your points to qualify for any HSMAI certification.

Available 31st March, 2024


  • Each Course is HSMAI Members pay US$35 and Non-members pay US$40
  • If you purchase all three courses in one transaction, the charge will be US$90 for Members and US$105 for Non-members.
  • Includes online access to course material for 12 months
  • A certifciate of completion is issued after each course.
Restaurant Revenue Management Essentials Courses


After completing these courses, if you’d like to expand your learning and earn a Certificate in Revenue Optimisation from the Republic Polytechnic, please visit their website for more information.

Restaurant Revenue Management Essentials Courses
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