The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) provides multifaceted educational experiences that develop hoteliers around the globe at every level.

Created for hoteliers by hoteliers, HSMAI programs close the gaps in development opportunities available from brands, vendors, universities, and corporate offices.

They encourage participants to think critically, cultivate business acumen, and build leadership skills that help you and your company reach new levels of success, and connect you to a global network of peers.

HSMAI is the acronym for the 90-year old, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.  The association has over 8,000 members all over the world.  The association has many volunteer senior executives from hotels around the world who direct and curate the development of educational offerings specifically targetted at people working in the Commercial areas of hotels, hotel chains, brands, management companies and any accommodation providers, large or small.

The HSMAI Academy brings all the programs we have developed together in one place to provide a trusted place for hoteliers to go to build their careers in revenue, sales, marketing and management.  By combining HSMAI’s programs with those of other experts, HSMAI is a unique position to be able to bring you the definitive programs recommended by hotel leaders around the world regardless of who delivers them.  Only your non-profit association can do that.


Matthias Dybing    All aspects of Revenue Management and DistributionHSMAI Training gurus

Tracy DongRevenue Management, Forecasting & Revenue Strategy

Fabian Bartnick  Revenue Management & Pricing

Shannon Knapp   Revenue Management & Reservations Sales Training

Tamie Matthews Revenue Management & General Business Management Training

Jackie Douglas   Digital Customer Experience, GDS Distribution, Market Segmentation & Personalisation, Developing your Product range, Optimising E-Commerce and How Consumers make decisions on Accommodation

Bilal Chamsine – Developing a Revenue Management Culture across your hotel, How the Revenue Manager SHOULD be working with the Hotel Owner

Hotel training for people from every country and language

All courses are developed in English only.  The courses were deliberately developed in simple language wherever possible to assist those of you who come from a non-English speaking background.  We have found that Google Translate will help you navigate through difficulties in language (although it is not always a perfect translation, it helps immensely).

Steps to add the Chrome Browser Web App to make completing English Courses much easier:

  1. Open Chrome Browser (you can also use Internet Explorer, Safari etc)
  2. Go to the top right of your screen and click on the menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Extensions and go to Chrome Web Store
  5. Search for Google Translate and add it to the browser toolbar
  6.  When you are in the online courses, you can select the language you want to translate to
  7. The video on this page shows how the function will work and automatically translate each page in the online courses.

More information goes here!  COMING SOON!

Jackie Douglas


Jackie Douglas is the Founder, and Chair, of the HSMAI Academy, a non-profit organisation set up to develop and source relevant training and career growth tools for employees and owners of hotels and accommodation venues around the world.

Jackie’s expertise in the Travel & Tourism industry is broad and impressive. Having been involved in all areas of travel as well as stint as a Teacher at Sydney TAFE (Technical & Further Education ) Travel & Tourism School, and as a trainer at Sabre Inc.

Jackie is also the current President for the Asia Pacific region for HSMAI.
Read more about Jackie’s background on our HSMAI Asia Pacific site.

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