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In Hospitality, Customer experience is the sum of a person’s involvement with your brand and property. It encompasses all their interactions in different places, via different channels, from when they start to think about their trip to their return home when talking about their trip to friends and their experience with your post-trip marketing. Customer experience is about how people perceive their relationship with the service provider. It’s about how they feel, and what they do as a result.

Customer service is a key part of customer experience, but the two are not the same.

Customer service is an event that happens between a customer and a service provider, at a specific time and place, it could be on the phone, in the room, in your restaurant or front office. It’s the advice you get, the help you receive. Customer service is responsive to a person’s specific needs at a place and point in time. Good customer service is focused on making specific interactions positive and effective.

Designing good customer experiences requires you to consider the customer’s journey with your service from start to finish, even before they first discover your brand or property.

CX vs CS Hospitality define

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