Recruiting and Retaining Hospitality Salespeople

Recruiting and Retaining your Hospitality Salespeople

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Recruiting and Retaining your Hospitality Salespeople

In the “Recruiting and Retaining Hospitality Salespeople” short course we will provide information on recruiting the right salespeople for your property or group, how to interview prospects and how to retain the best ones!  The course includes a Template job descriptions for Sales roles, comprehensive competencies for each role and a template for reviewing your staff performance.

 You will learn
  • What potential employees are looking for
  • The relevant strengths and skills for the current sales environment
  • Questions to ask when interviewing potential salespeople
  • How to identify specific strengths
  • How to measure your staff competencies
  • How to use the tools to conduct a performance review

  • This course can be a stand-alone course for people wanting to learn about the methods hoteliers can use to develop their marketing and commercial strategy
  • You could be an asset owner, management company, holiday rental agent or hotelier looking for best practice for the industry body
  • This course serves as a learning base for those who wish to do further study on any strategic marketing or commercial areas
  • Hotel professionals wishing to learn more about managing the commercial area of a hotel or any accommodation business
  • Those pursuing the HSMAI “Certificate in Business Acumen (Hospitality)”

This course is created by Hoteliers, for Hoteliers. The leaders in hotels around the world have worked together to create a curriculum for people looking to grow their careers in hospitality digital marketing. The authors of this course are the HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board which is made up of senior hoteliers working in the digital marketing field.

  • HSMAI Members pay only US$55 for this short course
  • Non-members pay only US$65 for the single course
  • The course counts as credit towards earning a Certificate in Digital Marketing (Hospitality) or Certificate in Business Acumen (Hospitality)
  • 12 months online access to course material
  • Globally recognised, HSMAI accredited course

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Recruiting and Retaining Hospitality Salespeople
Recruiting and Retaining Hospitality Salespeople
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