Understanding your guests path to booking

Understanding your guests path to booking

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Course Overview

Online Training Course for hospitality people focussing on how guests make their decisions on where to stay during their booking journey. 

Recent research from the University of Cornell used eye tracking software and interviews to analyse how consumers make their accommodation decision, and the process involved.  The results found that far more than price, imagery was a critical component. One of the study’s authors, Stephani K. A. Robson said: “What guests appear to be thinking about is how well all the pieces of information about the hotel” – price, brand, photo, ratings, and so on – fit together… They used pictures to imagine themselves at the property and to see if the hotel was the right ‘it’ for them, so images that provide some sense of the experience, not just what the hotel looks like from the outside, may be powerful, perhaps even more than reviews or ratings which get a lot of attention from the industry.

Hoteliers now need to learn how to influence consumers to book their rooms instead of another property.  To do this, you’ll need an understanding of the customer journey, not just for holiday-makers, but for business people too.

 You will learn
  • How customers shop for accommodation
  • Learn what drives customers search and selection process
  • Learn what influences their choices during their search (including travel agents)
  • The customer journey, from dreaming about a holiday, to shopping, booking, and experiencing the holiday or trip
  • NEW!  A new section explain the customer journey for Event Planner
  • Travel inspiration – how do we find the inspiration to travel, and where to travel to?
  • Many hotels are part of a Hotel loyalty programs so we will explain what these are and how they are used to influence the selection of accommodation:

– Description of loyalty and reward schemes

– How hoteliers view their loyalty members

– Direct communication with guests

– Driving additional revenue for hotels

  • How Revenue Managers leverage the benefits of hotel loyalty programs


  • How have guests’ decision-making priorities changed during COVID-19?
  • What should hotels be doing to convert potential guests coming to their website or calling the hotel?  Including examples.
  • What to focus on during the pandemic.

Watch for the 2nd additional update for the Event Planners section in this course, coming out by 28th February 2021

  • Those pursuing the HSMAI Revenue Ready “Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality)”
  • This course can be a stand-alone course for people wanting to learn about the methods hoteliers can use to bring in more bookings and more revenue.  You could be an asset owner, management company, holiday rental agent or hotelier wondering if it’s worth investing in digital marketing.
  • This course serves as a learning base for those who wish to do further study on revenue management to get into a revenue role;
  • People just starting in the revenue department will benefit from learning how revenue people can influence booking volumes at their property.

This course is created by Hoteliers, for Hoteliers. The leaders in hotels around the global have worked together to create a curriculum for people looking to grow their careers in revenue management. The authors of this course are the HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board.  Read more about the hotel leaders who helped create this course.

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Understanding your guests path to booking
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