Hotel Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation in Accommodations

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Market Segmentation in Accommodations

Most industries categorise their market into different segments to understand them better, and to customise their product to each segment. This is a fundamental way to increase revenue to your business. As a revenue analyst, you need to know what these segments are and how to use that knowledge to win business from your competitors.

 You will learn:
  • What segmentation is
  • Why hotels segment their markets
  • How to define each segment (e.g., corporate, events, wholesale, retail, etc.)
  • The difference between a channel and a segment
  • How to use segmentation to gain insights and improve bottom line results
  • How consumer behaviours differ by channel
  • The terms and strategies around using segments versus channels versus personalised offers
  • Those pursuing the HSMAI Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality) or the Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • People wanting to learn about the methods hoteliers can use to bring in more bookings and more revenue
  • Asset owners, management company leaders, holiday rental agents, and hoteliers wondering if it’s worth investing in digital marketing
  • People just starting in the revenue or marketing department who will benefit from learning how they can influence booking volumes at their property

This course is created by hoteliers for hoteliers. Leaders in hotels around the global have worked together to create a curriculum for people looking to grow their careers in revenue management and digital marketing.

  • HSMAI Members pay US$55 for this course (complete the 10-course program and get your Certificate for just US$400…a saving of US$150)
  • Non-members pay US$65 for this course (complete the 10-course program and get your Certificate for just US$550)
  • Includes online access to course material for 12 months

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Hotel Market Segmentation
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