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Are you a hotel leader looking for an edge to set you apart from your peers?  Get yourself certified by your industry organisation, HSMAI.  Many General Managers and other Hotel Executives have earned their CHBA  designation (Certified Hospitality Business Acumen).  This certifies you as a business leader in hospitality.  It’s the mini-Masters for hotel executives. 

When you earn your designation, wear it proudly: 


Are you eligible?  Find out.


To get a corporate or general management role, you’ll need a range of skills and experience. You’ll need to learn more about the commercial functions of the business. Ensure you have the understanding required to manage other disciplines.


  • * Leaders who manage digital, revenue or sales and marketing staff or functions
  • * Owner/ Operators
  • * Vendors who supply services or software around these functions
  • * Marketing, Sales, Revenue & Digital staff who just want to upskill in specific areas.


Looking to improve your leadership skills?

Being an expert in a single discipline isn’t enough, you need to have great leadership and communication skills to succeed in your career.

HSMAI have created some great courses, certifications and publications to help you, and we’ve also started assembling some of the best offerings from the industry to help you continue to grow your career.

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  • Get Ready

    Fast-track your learning by studying digital marketing

  • Get experience

    Get on-the-job experience through a job in marketing, internships & attending HSMAI training workshops

  • Get Certified

    Prove your skills and experience with a globally-recognised certification

  • Keep Learning

    Keep up to date and gain new skills with short, online courses in sales, marketing & revenue topics

  • Leadership

    To continue to grow your career, get some leadership skills by doing more online courses in other disciplines or specialised leadership courses.

1/2 day Training Workshops

HSMAI Asia Pacific runs face-to-face Training Workshops around the Asia Pacific region.  These are typically 1/2 day events and focussed on specific topics in Revenue Management, Digital, Marketing, Distribution, Conference & Event Sales.  Check out our calendar of events, or review our full-day Regional Conferences.  All of these events will give you the opportunity to hear hoteliers speaking about best practice in the disciplines above.  No sales pitches, just genuine learning opportunities.

The Certified Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA) designation is an online program delivered in groups of 10-20 people.  The program simulates running a hotel with you as the General Manager/ owner.  The designation indicates that you can:

  • Demonstrate expertise in managing an accommodation business;
  • Display the analytical skills to use data, and management tools to make decisions
  • Create strategies to improve profit and/or reduce costs
  • Compare strategies and determine which one will perform the best

This certification is appropriate for, but not limited to:

  • Managing Director
  • Asset Manager
  • General Manager
  • Vice President or Director of Sales
  • Director of Marketing
  • Operations Department Head
  • Sales Manager
  • Convention Services Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Director of Revenue Management

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Upskill Courses

The Digital Expert Lab  is delivered by leading industry figureheads, HSMAI Europe’s Digital Expert LAB courses will help upskill and develop your digital knowledge, enabling you to draw out new digital insights and make strategy driven decisions that benefit your hotel(s).

Sales2Win eCourses currently includes distinct, in-depth sales education programs covering Account Management and Select Service Selling for General Managers and Hotel Salespeople. Additional programs in development include Sports Sales, Inside Sales, Regional Sales, Catering Sales, Strategic Account Management, and Destination Sales.

Understanding your guests path to booking: Increase your understanding of how guests book your hotel and how they decide where to stay.  Important for all leaders to know.


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Produced by HSMAI America’s Sales, Marketing & Revenue  Advisory Boards, our webinars explore the top issues and offers effective strategies and tactics to increase your organizations ROI.

How guests choose hotels during an online booking

Studying eye tracking during the online booking process could help revenue managers better understand consumers hotel selections. Access the Webinar or read the article on HotelNewsNow.

Website conformity – What you need to know

Digital Disruption – The Consumer Marketing Trends you need to know

Analytics: Going Beyond the Averages

For more Webinar topics, please visit our Knowledge Center. Note that some webinars are only free for members.  Non-members may have to pay a fee to access some webinars.

Checkout our videos from recent HSMAI Conferences:

HSMAI is pleased to present here 10 videos from select sessions at our 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy Conference. This series is sponsored by STR and Hotel News Now.

For over 1,000 Case Studies on Digital Marketing, please visit our website at www.adrianawards.com




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